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A lighting tower is a temporary light source used in a variety of jobsites, projects, and events. They’re popular rentals in the construction, oil & gas and rental markets due to their versatility and efficiency in emulating daylight and providing powerful light for areas where lighting isn’t available.

What does a lighting tower do?

Lighting tower can be powered by an engine or generator that provides power to the lights on their mast, or they can be self-powered and battery-operated. They are often fueled with diesel or petrol and come with wheels so they can be moved around the site to illuminate different areas. The height of the mast determines how large an area will be lit and the intensity of the lights will also be important to consider depending on the project’s requirements. Additional power options such as solar panels allow for extended use beyond the primary generator or engine.

Safety is another important feature to look out for with lighting towers. It’s recommended to find a model that comes with an integrated safety system that goes above and beyond the mandatory requirements and protects both the tower and its operator in case of an accident. For cold temperatures, make sure to choose a model with a Cold Weather Package that will protect the internal electronics and components from harsh elements.

It’s also a good idea to find out how easily the lighting tower can be set up and taken down before renting. If you’re working on a site where it might be hard to reach certain parts of the location, opt for a model that allows you to raise and lower the mast with one hand so you can move it around the space more quickly.…

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From Dusk Till Dawn: Toronto’s Premier 24-Hour Weed Delivery Services

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