Timbur Pedestals are heavy, massive furniture pieces made of reclaimed teak from old ships and riverbeds in Bali and Indonesia. They’re often minimally processed, if at all, from truncated trunks or roots of long-fallen trees. The resulting furniture has a unique character and presence that instantly adds a sense of depth, warmth and a natural element to any space.

How far apart should decking pedestals be?

Our adjustable pedestals are an innovative solution for raising floors on a flat roof terrace, patio or balcony – they can even be used with pavers and outdoor tiles. Adjusting the height of your decking, paving or timber floor has never been easier. You simply lay the pedestals down between your decking joists (adjustable at head and foot) and secure them using specified attachments or fixing plugs. The height of the risers is determined by the thickness of your flooring and the spacing of your joist boards. A slight slope away from the property is generally recommended as it encourages water drainage.

Our NIVO pedestals are a heavy-duty screw jack pedestal range which are designed for raised floor construction over concrete and other hard surfaces. They are ideal for concealing services under your raised flooring and for easy access when waterproof membrane maintenance is required. The NIVO range includes ‘extenders’ which can be added to the base to increase the pedestal height. It also has a slope corrector to allow for slope compensation of up to 5%. You can read more about NIVO in our downloadable brochure.