In the not-so-distant past, intellectual property recruiter could quarantine sensitive intellectual property by ensuring that documents were kept under lock and key. But today, employees can create and access confidential information from home computers, smartphones and tablets. It’s also easy to transfer work files from their employer’s devices to their own and it’s not uncommon for them to keep those files forever, even after they leave a company. That makes it easier for them to smuggle IP into their new roles. In some cases, including copyright, patent and registered design infringements, this puts the new business at risk of litigation from their previous employers – even where they are unaware that the IP was misappropriated.

Unlocking Success: How Intellectual Property Recruiters Are Shaping Innovation

Induction training for new hires should promote your firm’s policy of respecting third party IP and emphasise that your business is not a fishing ground for former employees confidential information. It should also highlight that bringing in information from a former employer (excepting client lists) exposes you to litigation and reputational risks and that you might be breaking their employment contracts with them.

The cities with the highest salaries for ip recruiter are Berkeley, CA and Renton, WA. These figures are based on the average salary for jobs in these locations, as reported by ZipRecruiter. The top 10 percent of earners make more than double this figure. However, this doesn’t take into account if the person relocates to another city.