LLQP courses are the minimum educational requirements required for anyone wanting to work as a Life Insurance Agent or Accident and Sickness Insurance Advisor in the Canadian insurance industry. By completing the LLQP curriculum, students will gain the knowledge and skills to recommend individual and group life insurance products adapted to their client’s needs and situation, and also insurance-related investment products including segregated funds and annuities.

In January 2016, Canadian provincial regulators introduced a new entry level qualification program called the LLQP (Life Licensing Qualification Program). The LLQP initiative replaced different provincial licensing education standards with one standard that is used across Canada. It requires individuals to take an LLQP course, pass the module certification exams and book a provincial exam session with their insurance regulatory body in order to become licensed to sell life or A&S insurance.

Demystifying LLQP: Understanding the Essentials of Life License Qualification Program Courses

To ensure a fair and consistent testing experience, each LLQP exam is delivered online using an approved test delivery system. Candidates are provided with a e-book that contains the approved reference material for the exam they are writing. The LLQP exam modules are split into four, and a pass mark of 60% is required for each. Each candidate has three attempts per module. If they fail a module, they will have to wait a minimum of three months before writing it again.

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