makerbot 3d printer

MakerBot is a leading manufacturer of all types of technology-oriented 3D printing equipment. The makerbot 3d printer series features an easy, user-friendly interface, high speed printing quality, and professional results. For every type of industry or application, the company’s uniquely designed cartridges are designed to give you the best performance every time. In fact, the makerBot printers can be configured to print in full color, text, or digital labels.

How to Choose Built-In Extrusion Motor and Efficient Filament Drip Option in the MakerBot 3d Printer

The technology behind makerBot printers is based on solid, high performance, durable printing components and innovative software. MakerBot printers are ideal for every home and office environment because they enable you to enjoy interchangeable parts that can easily be exchanged or replaced, providing endless options for printing solutions. The printer utilizes standard 100% UV resistant parts making it safe to handle around children and household pets. You can also interchange replaceable parts to provide improved performance and compatibility.

When it comes to the extruder, the built-in Extrusible Filament Motor produces flawless results in high volume production of labels or images. The motor consists of four insulated, high performance silicone balls that can withstand high flow rates. You can use either the hot or cold methods of installation to accommodate your particular printer model. The pump mounted on the front of the machine allows you to easily install the filament into the extruder, where it is melted and cured by the heated UV lamp. After the filament has been loaded into the extruder, the pump activates and fills the ink to the brim of the cartridge and then spreads it across the surface of the plastic to produce the perfect finish on every print.