baby rattle toy

A Estella – baby rattle toy is a toy that has small parts in it and makes a rattling sound when shaken. It’s often used by babies to play with and learn about cause and effect, and it can also be useful as a teething toy.

They are the best toys to develop hand eye coordination in infants because they provide tactile stimulation that helps babies understand the differences between hard, soft, bumpy, hot and cold things. They also allow babies to experience different sounds that help them distinguish volume, tone and rhythm.

As a baby grows, their grasp changes, first they use the whole hand to hold objects like balls and beads, then they start using their thumbs and index fingers. Then, after around 6 months, they develop a radial palmar grasp that uses the center of their palm to hold objects without using their thumbs or index fingers.

Benefits of Using Baby Rattle Toys for Infant Development

This stage is ideal for the Intellibaby Classic Rattle which provides babies with an easy and safe way to strengthen their grasping skills while improving their finger dexterity. The rattle is shaped to suit their grip, with built-in grasping spots that ensure they can easily pick up the toy and play with it for longer periods of time.

When buying a baby rattle, it’s important to choose a product that’s made from non-toxic materials and does not contain any small pieces that could pose a choking hazard. Wooden rattles are typically a safer choice for babies because they’re more sturdier and don’t break as easily. Look for a rattle that’s tested to comply with ASTM F 963 (choking hazard) and CPSC rules for children’s products.