Amid a psychedelic mushroom boom, shops with names like Fun Guyz and Shroomyz are popping up across Canada. They sell the drug on its own, in gummies and other edibles, and as tinctures and sprays. Customers range from those with depression or PTSD to people who want to “micro-dose” psilocybin to alleviate stress, anxiety and pain. Source:

Cultivating Consciousness: The Magic of Dispensaries

The owner of a shop in Vancouver, who would only give his first name, says he considers his business a form of “medical protest.” The owners of the shops say they’re not aiming to make money but rather to help people experience psilocybin’s therapeutic effects. But the federal government has strict rules on psilocybin, which is listed as a Schedule 1 substance along with heroin and LSD. It’s illegal to grow or possess the drug in Canada.

In addition to requiring an application and two forms of ID, customers of the mushroom stores must attend a so-called “administration session.” A staff member remains with the customer after they take a dose and guides them through the hallucinogenic experience. The store owner said the service is necessary because mushrooms can cause anxiety, nausea, fear and muscle twitches.

The owner of a Colorado store called Zoomers says he wants to expand the operation and add a commercial kitchen. He says he’s new to psychedelic mushrooms and launched the store because he saw an opportunity as Colorado lawmakers debated whether to legalize recreational marijuana last year. He says he’s ready for any legislative reaction and has already contacted law enforcement to warn them about his business.