Getting charged with any criminal offense can drastically change an individual’s life. It can lead to jail time, probation, and fines, as well as a permanent criminal record. A Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer will help you build a strong case by gathering exculpatory evidence and proving your innocence. He or she can also get the charges against you dropped or reduce your penalties.

Who is the best advocate in criminal cases?

The law firm of Ryan Patituce & Associates is a Cincinnati criminal defense law firm that defends individuals facing various types of criminal cases, including drug crimes and assault. Its lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience fighting to protect the rights of clients. MM Defense Law expertise are able to defend you against federal, state, and city charges. They will also fight for your right to a speedy trial, as mandated by the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution.

If you are accused of a financial crime, such as fraud or identity theft, a Cincinnati financial crimes attorney can defend you. He or she can also handle other serious property crimes, such as aggravated burglary and robbery. A Cincinnati weapon crimes lawyer can also defend you against weapons charges, such as possession of a deadly weapon.

Located in Cincinnati, Ernst & Associates handles criminal cases for people who are suspected of committing a misdemeanor or felony. It also helps those facing immigration-related matters. Its attorneys have more than 20 years of experience in the legal field and have handled thousands of criminal cases. They can get your case dismissed, reduced, or expunged. They can also help you resolve a DUI or OVI charge.