How much does a lash lift cost is a cosmetic procedure that curls your existing eyelashes to give the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes. It’s an alternative to false lashes and extensions, which can be more costly, damaging, and difficult to maintain.

Aestheticians that specialize in lash lift treatments often charge higher prices for their services because of the extensive training and practical experience they’ve undergone. However, this specialized expertise is well worth the investment because of the superior results they can achieve.

When you choose to get a lash lift, be prepared to spend around $150 for a full treatment. This includes the cost of the chemical solution used in the process, as well as any materials and tools needed for the treatment. Additionally, some salons may offer a lash lift and tint package for an additional fee.

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During the treatment, your technician will start by placing silicone pads on top of your eyes to keep them closed and safe. They will then apply a special serum to the lashes, which breaks down the keratin protein and makes them moldable to your desired shape. After your lashes are lifted, they’ll be rinsed off and then combed out to ensure a natural look. Then, a semi-permanent lash tint will be applied if you opt for it.

It’s important to note that although DIY lash lift kits are available at home, this treatment should only be performed by an esthetician. This is because the treatment involves putting a chemical solution near your eyes, and it’s important to avoid any mishaps like skin rashes or cornea burns.