Cheetos are crunchy corn puff snacks that are made by the Frito-Lay company. Founded in 1948, this snack was a hit with consumers around the world. In the early 1950s, it was introduced to the United States market. The name cheetos came from the fact that the brand was the first to have national distribution in the U.S. After a long struggle, the crunchy and salty corn puffs became a worldwide sensation.

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The cheese powder and seasoning are added to the cornmeal, which is fried and puffed. Then, the coating is fried, and the Cheetos are ready to be eaten. The patented cheesy flavoring contains whey, MSG, and sugar. The crunchy fried versions of the snack were introduced to the marketplace in 1948. The earliest version of cheetos was stylized as ‘chee-tos,’ and were sold in supermarkets as ‘cheetos’ until 1998.

The cheetos recipe includes cornmeal and salt, along with cheese and whey proteins. The flavored powder adds to the cheese flavor, and the puffed cornmeal is coated in cheese seasoning. The final step in the making process involves frying or drying the cheetos, or the frying process. This is the most popular method of preparing cheetos.