Whether you run a medical practice or a sporting event, promotional ice packs are a great giveaway item for patients and attendees. These items are cheap and provide a great deal of brand exposure. They also offer pain relief and reduced inflammation. They are ideal for people who suffer from acute injuries or chronic conditions.

Why should you only leave an ice pack on for 20 minutes?

They are reusable and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can use them on any part of the body. They are filled with gel beads that stay cold for a long time.

Aside from relieving pain and swelling, promotional ice packs | Gelpax can help speed up the healing process. They can be used for many types of injuries, including sports injuries, tendon damage, and muscle damage. You can have these packs custom printed with your company’s logo and name. They can also be used as giveaways at conferences and events.

If you want to keep your ice packs fresh and safe, you need to store them in insulated containers. They will hold sub-zero temperatures for up to 24 hours. Some reusable ice packs are even made in cute shapes. They are usually filled with water and distilled water, but some contain soft beads.

They are used in hospitals and other medical facilities, schools, and military camps. They are also excellent for treating bruises, pains, and swelling.

They are also popular in the fitness industry. They can be used for massage therapy, as well. They are a great giveaway item for health clubs, spas, and any other business that wants to convey a strong message of health and safety.