A spores kit is convenient, easy to use, and a low-stakes way to dip your toes in the waters of fungi cultivation.

If you’ve ever grown mushrooms at home, you know how satisfying it is to have the freshest, most psychedelic mushrooms in your possession. However, finding a reliable source to supply you with the spores isn’t always as simple as it sounds.

There are many different grow kits available. Some are specialized to specific types of mushrooms, while others may be more universal and offer a wide variety of strains.

Regardless of the type of kit you decide on, you’ll need to make sure that it meets all legal requirements in your country. You’ll also need to ensure that it has been vetted by a trusted mycology expert.

Magic Mushroom Kits with Spores: A Complete Guide to Growing Your Own

You can order a kit directly from a vendor or through a third-party seller like Amazon. These companies often sell high-quality kits, with a variety of different mushroom strains. They often have a wide range of reviews, so you can get a sense for the quality of the products before you purchase them.

In addition, most of these kits come with instructions and videos, if you’re a visual learner. A good kit will also have multiple jars, so that you can start small and expand as you master the growing process.

Spores are a great way to try out microdosing, or for those who are new to the idea of growing psilocybin mushrooms at home. They don’t have the psychoactive effects of the actual psychedelic mushroom, but you can still enjoy all the benefits of microdosing if you follow some of the tips and tricks below.