roofing system bellevue

Roofing system bellevue  design is a complex endeavor that integrates many technical and non-technical considerations. These considerations must be weighed by the roof designer prior to selecting a system for any particular project.

After a thorough understanding of the primary system types described in the Description section (BUR, modified bitumen, single-ply, sprayed polyurethane foam, and metal panels) the selection process should focus on specific membrane materials within each system type, and if applicable, surfacing options on SPF and metal panel systems, or attachment configurations on PMR and loose-laid air-pressure equalized systems. The climatic conditions that have historically prevailed in the project location should be incorporated into the system selection criteria.

Understanding Roofing Systems in Bellevue: Components and Considerations

The roof system life expected from the project should also be a major factor in the selection of a system. Determining the likely factors that will deteriorate the roof is important in establishing a system design life.

Finally, it is generally preferable to select a system that can be installed by contractors that have offices nearby the project site. This can facilitate periodic inspections and/or minor repairs performed by in-house maintenance personnel. It can also prevent the need to bring in a contractor unfamiliar with a new system that has not been field tested in the local area.