A transcription service involves converting spoken word to a written or electronically stored text document. Typical transcription services are offered for legal, business, or healthcare purposes. There are many companies and individuals that provide transcription services. There are also several universities, colleges, and training programs that offer accredited transcription courses.


The transcription services can be used for educational, business, healthcare, law, military, and other purposes. With the increasing demand for accuracy in speech transcription, many companies, academic institutions, and healthcare providers are hiring skilled professionals to transcribe live speech for their clients. The demand for accurate transcription services has resulted in the development of many software programs that enable transcriptionists to transcribe spoken words into written notes. Some software programs are capable of converting audio recordings into text documents. Other software allows transcriptionists to upload digital audio files that they have transcribed into notes. It is necessary to have a good typing speed, attention to detail, and typing skills.


The purpose of transcription services is to turn unrecorded speech into written records. Oral communication provides the most reliable information about the general health condition of individuals. Oral surgeons rely on recorded or live speech notes from their patients to make surgical decisions. To prevent or reduce the possibility of medical errors, transcription services to ensure that the content of the notes is accurate and up-to-date. Oral surgeons record their notes, medical practitioners subscribe to a transcription service provider, and patients’ access online medical records via computers and transcription software.