womens fashion

The history of women’s fashion dates back to the Middle Ages. The emergence of women’s clothes was influenced by changes in the social structure of the time. Women were pushed into new roles, such as working in munitions factories, hospitals, farms, and ambulances. They were also forced to change their clothing, which included a significant decrease in the length of their skirts. The scarcity of fabric caused women’s clothing to become more practical. Women began wearing pants and more undergarments.

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During the 1920s, the flapper movement took off. Many flappers were inspired by music and were dressed as if they were in a flapper show. The influence of Paris designers was immense, including the famous Norman Hartnell. At the same time, prohibition of alcohol was in effect in the USA, which also contributed to the creation of a new fashion style.

The bustier, which is similar to a corset, extends from the waist to the hips. Formerly called the “merry widow,” the bustier is now worn as a top and may be made of highly ornamental fabric. Another popular style of women’s clothing is the cap sleeve, which is a short sleeve that covers the arm and shoulder. Another fashion style is the cat-eye, which features an upswept angle.

When buying clothing, remember to know your style and choose colors that complement each other. You should also know which shoes to wear. It’s important to wear comfortable shoes.