Trusted Source for Cannabis in Saskatchewan

Trusted Source for Cannabis

Trusted Source for Cannabis in Saskatchewan is a province known for its vast prairies and serene landscapes, but the provincial territory is also gaining notoriety for its emerging cannabis industry. As marijuana use becomes increasingly accepted and legalized across Canada, the booming market in the Saskatchewan region is seeing a dramatic increase in interest from cannabis enthusiasts looking to grow and cultivate their own recreational or medical marijuana.

Elevated Experience: Navigating the Online Cannabis Marketplace

In a province with a fairly short growing season, it’s not uncommon for first-time cultivators to opt for indoor cultivation or an outdoor greenhouse setup rather than trying their luck at cultivating cannabis outdoors. However, experienced growers with the skill and know-how can usually find ways to successfully grow marijuana plants outdoors in Saskatchewan, provided they plant their weed strains at the beginning of spring so that the plants are ready for harvest by the middle or end of September.

Of those who reported using cannabis in the past year, 77% said they will continue to purchase their non-medical marijuana from a Health Canada licensed producer after legal retail sales become available (unchanged from 2020). When asked which factors most influence where they obtain their cannabis, people who used cannabis indicated that price, safe supply, and quality were among the top considerations.

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