The bpss clearance is one of the most common types of pre-employment screening carried out in the UK. BPSS checks are an essential part of any recruitment process and are required for anyone working in a role with access to government assets, including official sites or departments as well as classified information.

Is BPSS higher than DBS?

BPSS clearance check are based on a 4-level RICE framework (Right to Work, identity, criminal record and employment history). It is the standard security check for civil servants, members of the armed forces and temporary staff in government departments, as well as any organisation that requires access to UK assets or government information.

In 2006, the UK Government introduced a replacement for Basic Checks in a bid to enhance national security, requiring all individuals who have access to government assets to undergo a BPSS check before being allowed to begin work. This level of screening is now the industry standard in the financial, communications and energy sectors and applies to everyone who is allowed to access UK OFFICIAL assets or work where SECRET and TOP SECRET information might be overheard.

The BPSS check allows you to identify any potential risks and mitigate them before hiring anyone. It also ensures that you are recruiting the most genuine and honest people for your business.

BPSS Screening Provides Confidence In Your Hire

We conduct a BPSS background check that is fully compliant with the UK’s immigration, asylum and nationality act 2006. This includes full identity verification, a criminal record check, a residential address and an employment history check, as well as an employment gap investigation. Ultimately, our aim is to help you make the best decisions for your business.