women gym

The kind of crowd that you workout with has a big impact on your motivation and can totally sabotage your workout if the vibes are bad. Whether it’s the sound of men arguing on their phones or the sight of a guy flirting with his girlfriend in the same room, the type of people around you while exercising can seriously affect your workout, and this is true irrespective of gender.

In an era when women gym are increasingly focused on building strength and not just slimming down, gyms catering to female clients are becoming more popular than ever. One brand that has recently gone viral is the women gym, a ladies-only fitness space that promises a comfortable and supportive environment that’s designed to help members achieve their fitness goals.

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According to its website, the women gym is “a place that makes women feel strong and confident,” and offers a range of workouts that can be done at home as well as in-person classes with trainers. The workouts are designed to be used with a minimal amount of equipment and are targeted at beginners or women who have anxiety about working out in a gym. They’re also meant to help overcome feelings of social isolation, which are a common problem faced by women in the gym.

The gym also aims to address other concerns that many women have about the gym, such as sexual harassment and feeling intimidated by a male clientele. The gym reportedly features pink LED-lit rooms and studios, cubbies for each member to leave their stuff, scales that are stocked with feminine products, and toilets “so good you’ll want them in your own house.” Another women’s gym that has recently gone viral on TikTok is Fernwood Fitness, an Australian chain that offers keyfob access to 24-hour female-only facilities.